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Internet Safety Pledge

3 Million Students
15,000 Schools
Paying tribute
 Dr.APJ Kalam 

Bharath Suresh Gopi M.P (Trivandrum Rajya Sabha) giving the "Limca Books of Records" for One Library Per Village

Three million students in Kerala took the “Internet Safety Pledge”
as a tribute to our beloved leader Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

 To pay tribute to our former President Dr. APJ Kalam, Kerala Department of General Education issued a circular to 15,000 Schools in the state to conduct “Cyber Suresha Pledge”

3 million students from 15,000 Schools in Kerala took the “Internet Safety Pledge" as part of their school's morning Assembly to pay tribute to former President Dr. APJ Kalam on his birth anniversary October 15th . Many schools conducted Seminars and special lectures highlighting contributions of Dr.Kalam to our nation and discussed about his messages to the Students.

 “Cyber Suresha Pledge” was celebrated as part of “Digital Kerala Week" organized by IT@School, Kerala IT Mission, NGO’s “One Library Per Village” and Kesari Foundation.  The pledge is available on

Rising number of youth and teenagers are engaging in cyber-crime due to lack of awareness.  Six teenage arrests and 4 teenage suicides were reported in the month of July alone in the State due to mis-use of social media. Survey reveals 4 in 10 Teens Fall Victim to 'Cyber Fraud'. Youngsters who were caught for cyber- crimes were not aware of the legality of their action, which highlights their low level of knowledge about cyber-related laws.
Rising at an alarming rate, the number of cyber-crimes in the country may double to 3 lakh by end of 2015 and could pose serious economic and national security challenges, an Assocham-Mahindra SSG study had warned.

“Increasing cybercrime among teenagers is biggest threat to “Digital India”.  No technology in itself or punishment can stop youngsters from getting into this trap. Self-control and responsible use of Internet is the only solution. Our Education Institutes should prepare youngsters to become responsible online citizens. ​Society is mainly responsible for teenagers’ crime. We should mold them with the right mind-set and direct them towards development of nation. This project will be successful only if we provide continuous support and motivation to youngsters which will be done in coming months

Three million students commemorate Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam via 'Internet Safety Pledge'

Internet Safety Pledge

Internet Safety Pledge
A tribute Dr. APJ Kalam

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