#BookBucketChallenge Apps Launch

Osama Manzar, Founder and Director at Digital Empowerment Foundation inaugurating #BookBuckectChallenge Apps


Widely used viral campaign to support Village Libraries !


Campaign to revive Libraries who lost 5 lakh books In Chennai floods.

Appriciated by Digital India

One of the 20 initiative/suggestions taken in Mygov.in under Indian IT Ministry .

Supporting Village Libraries

Creating collaborative learning platform for adults and children's

Creating Digital Revolution

Equal learning opportunity for all students irrespective of rural or urban.

Why One Library Per Village ?

In India, we give least importance to  Adult Education . A person above 25 yrs old currently don't have an place to learn new skills or knowledge. Our CSC or VLE gave least importance to education and they become commercial centers.

"One Library Per Village " is a collaborative learning center with mission of  " Each One  - Reach One , Reach One - Teach One until everyone learned " 

Digital Literacy Mission 

 Approx 40% population of India is living below poverty line, illiteracy rate is more than 25-30% and digital literacy is almost no-existent among more than 90% of India’s population.

Our schools or colleges in rural areas are not providing sufficient support or learning tools. This creates a big gap in education between village and city.

Bridging the social digital divide.

 The divide between those with access to new technologies and those without – is now one of India’s burning issues. Most researches in Indian Subcontinent emphasize on access to computers, connectivity, and content as the core elements of digital divide.

Lack of proper ICT infrastructure, education and literacy are the daunting issues we are facing today

Around the world, in developed as well as developing countries, libraries play an important role in the dissemination of knowledge. The availability of information resources can often mean the difference between poverty and prosperity, particularly in underdeveloped  communities.

The Library should be with in the reach of local area, it should be accessible to all within the village.

Common  people in rural areas face significant challenges when it comes to IT access, including infrastructure problems and set-up costs, Village Libraries should provide it . And should be social places where people can chat, read and keep in touch with the outside world.

"One Library Per Village " is Patanjali store  for e-learning .

  • One stop for all learning requirements
  • E-store for "Digital India".
  • Collaborative learning center for housewives.
  • Last mile delivery center for ecom companies. 
  • Two way communication are for government 

Internet Safety Pledge

Internet Safety Pledge
A tribute Dr. APJ Kalam

Digital Literacy Week

Our Dream

We dream of prosperous world where knowledge is equally shared among rural or urban , rich or poor without any discrimination. We dream of a society that is not poor; a world which is literate, healthy and empowered.


To create awareness and share the latest tools, services and resources which enrich the experiences of users of the libraries and enhance their learning and career development activities.
To support scholarship, intellectual growth and critical inquiry, and to promote a continuing love of learning in a welcoming space where people choose to gather.

OLPV Vision

(1) Libraries as Universities
(2) Libraries as community centers for diverse populations,
(3) Libraries as centers for the arts,
(4) Libraries as community builders,
(5) Libraries as champions of youth.